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Photo Credit: Craig Alan 


Hailing from the Mountain landscapes of Southern Oregon, Elk Witch, a stoner rock trio emerged onto the music scene in 2019. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Deven Andersen, bassist Darren Wostenberg, and drummer Joe Coitus, the three united to combine their influences into sounds of classic Psych Stoner/Doom with elements of Prog/Rock. Elk Witch critics have noted that fans of legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, The Sword, The Obessed and Freedom Hawk will be captivated by Elk Witch's heavy, riff-driven sound, making them a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

Debut EP "The Mountain" (2020):

In 2020, Elk Witch unveiled their debut EP, "The Mountain," a sonic exploration that laid the foundation for their sound. The release garnered attention for its raw energy, powerful riffs, and the band's ability to seamlessly blend modern elements of Stoner/Doom metal rooted in classic 70s and 90s Metal and Rock.

StoneFly Records and "Beyond the Mountain" (2022):

In 2021, Elk Witch caught the attention of StoneFly Records, a union that paved the way for a new production full-length release of “The Mountain”, which was to be named "Beyond the Mountain." Released in 2022, the album further solidified their presence in the stoner rock landscape and showcased the band's evolution and commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre.

Doom Charts Success:

Elk Witch's ascent in the Doom/Stoner scene was highlighted by their impressive rankings on the Doom Charts. In March 2021, they secured Position 22, followed by an even more impressive climb to Position 11 in March 2022. These milestones solidify Elk Witch as a rising force in the heavy music community.

Radio Waves, Compilations and Noteworthy Mentions:

Elk Witch's reach extends far beyond Oregon, with coverage on various radio programs, features and compilations. Some highlights include "Heavy in the Hills" on 103.5 FM in Sonora, California, Lo Sound Edge Radio 99.3 (Australia), Weedian - Trip to Oregon Compilation, Hard Rock Hell Radio (England, United Kingdom), Hour of the Riff, Spinning the Good Stuff Episode 20/2022, Bucky Brown’s Top 20 records 2022, Hidden Shrines of the Heavy Riff Kind Vol I, II, and III. Elk Witch's music echoes across airwaves and resonates with diverse audiences.

Now in a partnership with Majestic Mountain Records, Elk Witch is poised to release their second album “Azimuth” this spring. 2024 finds Elk Witch with a busy schedule setting out to extend their live show reach beyond the Pacific Northwest region.



June 20 2024, We are hitting the road for our "Desert Crossings" tour starting on August 8th at Ocean in Eureka California and ending in desert in Tempe, Arizona on August 15th. Locations include: Eureka, Chico, Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego and Tempe.

Apr 20 2024, Receiving the Evcharist: Elk Witch and The Botanist "Each Piece on Azimuth offers something a little different, making the tracks distinguishable and memorable, yet they work together to take listeners on a journey of mystic proportion" - Angela, Nine Circles


Apr 12 2024 - Our Sophomore album "Azimuth" is now RELEASED - Vinyl, CD, and all major streaming platforms!!


Apr 11 2024, "So, we have now established that Elk Witch rules and are one of my favourite bands out there today. Check out Azimuth if you love non-pretentious, fuzzy, chunky, stoner rock with psych leanings and garage band ethos. I love this album and you will too. 9/10" - Rich Piva, Musipedia of Metal

Apr 9 2024, "Azimuth is a strong and intriguing album that captures your imagination. Elk Witch had a clear goal in mind when creating this album and it shows; capturing the magic of the environment around them, they take the listener on a sonic journey through the landscapes of Oregon. 8/10"  - Tom Fordham, Distorted Sound Magazine


Mar 14 2024, Video and Single #2 "Ghosts of the Lupatia" premiering at the Stoner Hive. 

Mar 11 2024, ""Elk Witch has done nothing but conquer with this massive step forward in their evolution. There’s plenty to uncover within the vast forest that ebbs and flows to give us an experience that’s simply intoxicating to lose yourself in with Elk Witch a brilliant vessel to bring that about." - Headbangers Reviews


Feb 26, 2024 ""This is a first rate album that will no doubt end up on multiple Album Of The Year lists before the year is out. Awesome. End of." - Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun


Feb 15 2024, "Medford, Oregon, heavy rockers Elk Witch have signed to Majestic Mountain Records for the April 12 release of their sophomore full-length, Azimuth" -  JJ, The Obelisk

Oct 31 2023, Mastering of our new album has been completed by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, New Windsor NY. Dan was the Mastering Engineer for Doom Side of the Moon, The Sword - Gods of Earth 15th Anniversary Edition to name a few.

Sep 2023, Mixing of our second full length album has been completed.

July 17 2023, We entered the studio this month to record our second full length album which is set to release in 2024. 


BEYOND THE MOUNTAIN (March 18th, 2022) - "You can tell from the stunning opening track Cape Foulweather that these guys know how to DOOM ON with their lovely homage to Black Sabbath and The Sword that just moves along at its own creative rhythm. The Psychedelic vibes gives Elk Witch an almost modern day feel but the majority of the music is mostly rooted in classic 70s and 90s Doom/Stoner Metal" - Outlaws of The Sun

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THE MOUNTAIN (DEBUT EP) (March 5th, 2021) - "The sound of  warmly fuzzed guitar riffs, the low thrum of bass guitar motifs and the steady beat of sticks hitting skins and metal. It seems that Oregon three piece Elk Witch also knows what pushes our buttons because they've included all of our "favourite things" and more on their debut EP "The Mountain."   - Desert Psychlist


Photo Credit: Craig Alan 

Joe Doerr - Drums, 
Deven Andersen – Vocals/Guitar
Darren Wostenberg – Bass, 
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